Male Breasts (Gynaecomastia)

Hormonal imbalances sometimes develop female-like breasts in men. This condition is known as Gynaecomastia or commonly referred to as ‘man-boobs’ that is caused by the  increase in size of breast tissues in males. While regular exercise expanding several months will only marginally reduce this swelling but usually it is resistant to exercise . So the proper treatment of gynaecomastia is surgical correction i.e gynaecomastia male breast reduction surgery.

In the majority of the cases, there is no obvious reason found and this is known as idiopathic gynaecomastia. But certain factors can increase the probability of gynaecomastia. Due to increasing cases of obesity, increased use of anabolic steroids and environmental contamination with estrogen-like substances, the number of patients in India with gynaecomastia are increasing.

changes in breast in gynaecomastia

How to get rid of gynecomastia?

Non-surgical alternatives like dieting, herbal medicines, gym and even pills  do not help effectively in gynecomastia. Pre-pubertal or pubertal gynecomastia in boys needs no treatment usually as it resolves on its own once hormone levels return to normal.

However, significant and discernible gynecomastia can be removed via surgical treatment that involves liposuction and gland incision. It is a surgery done by a highly advanced technique performed by a specialised gynecomastia plastic surgeon. The breast gland is also removed so that there is no recurrence after the surgery.

What should be the age group of the person?

 Any male who is above 18 years and is medically fit can opt for this surgery.

How should one prepare for the surgery?

 Once one is clear he wants to get rid of these   breasts tissue consultation with cosmetic surgeon is must to know  the condition,clear the myths associated with it and the details of procedure to be done. On 1st consultation with Dr Chauhan get all medical records especially blood tests and details of medicines taken by you in last few years. Stop smoking, taking anti-inflammatory drugs and  ayurvedic / herbal supplements . Apprise your surgeon about any medication that you have been taking. Dr Chauhan will explain you in detail the condition its causes and harmless nature of this condition and it has nothing to do with your virility and manhood. You could still be a normal male adult and have normal marriage and kids. 

Procedure & Anesthesia time

The surgery needs around two hours and it’s only a one-time treatment. One needs to stay in the clinic three-four hours after the surgery.  Usually it does not require admission or staying in a hospital but from anaesthesia point of view overnight stay may be there if necessary.


Marking of pectoral (chest) muscles and glandular tissue for chest reshaping is done 

Administration of anaesthesia - local anaesthesia with light sedation or general anesthesia.

Tumescent solution infiltration is done Liposuction to remove extra fat deposited in the chest area 

Complete removal of excess glandular breast tissue is done  if its there with separate 

peri aereolar incision.

Before Procedure:

All pre-operative mandated tests should be completed.Chest and under-arms completely shaved. Do not eat/drink 6 hours before surgery. Wear comfortable clothes. Have a responsible person accompany you.

During Recovery

After surgery, a small dressing is put. A pressure garment is applied to minimise swelling and support the fresh chest contour as it heals. You can take bath next day after surgery & no dressing is needed. Seven days of Antibiotics are prescribed and sutures are removed 10-14 days after the surgery. You need to avoid driving for the first 24 hours, but can resume normal life after one-two days and start exercising after 8-10 weeks when you feel comfortable.


The side effects include: Swelling, Bruising at some part of the chest, Pain and discomfort, Numbness, Seromas i.e. fluid collection, which is uncommon and usually settles by conservative treatment, intervention is rarely needed. These are temporary and subside within 10 to 14 days after the surgery.