Dr. Shiv K. Chauhan
(M.B.B.S ,M.S, M.Ch.(Plastic Surgery) )
Dr. Shiv K. Chauhan (M.B.B.S ,M.S, M.Ch.(Plastic Surgery) )

Are you considering a hair transplant?

Many men and women experience baldness or hair loss at some point in their lives. That is very annoying. Hair loss often starts with coves or the balding of the back of the head. This can have a huge impact on your self-image: you might try to hide your baldness with a headgear or by combing it over the bald spots. Do you want a more permanent solution? Then opt for a hair transplant at Asian Hospital.


Asian Hospital is the best hair clinic in the Punjab. We are not the most trusted Hair Clinic in Punjab for nothing. In our luxury clinic you will be pampered all day during your treatment. Because we fully focus on hair transplants, we only work with specialized hair surgeons - and no primary care physicians. The hair technicians who support during the treatment are Well-trained. We are open and honest about the result that you can expect. This personal approach ensures that almost all of our customers are satisfied and would also recommend Asian Hospital to acquaintances.


Are you also taking the step to a fuller head of hair and more self-confidence? You can come to Asain Hospital for two hair transplantation methods: FUE and FUT. On our page about treatments you can read more about the differences between these forms of hair transplantation. You will also find more information about eyebrow transplants, hair transplants for women and Micro Hair Pigmentation.


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We and Our Patients

We have a proven track record of producing high quality results. Patient care is a priority in our clinic and our team have a reputation for making you feel at ease. We understand that having any form of surgery can be quite daunting but rest assured, you are in safe hands with us. We aim to meet all patient expectations and ensure that an excellent service is provided at all times.